C.H.O.W. has a need for various types of donations: monetary, used school supplies that would be headed for the landfills and items that can be used by the Grahn School Community Center.


Monetary donations can be made through Network for Good.  The website is on the side bar on the homepage of this website.  If you click the link, you will be taken to a secure site through which you can donate safely.  Donations can also be sent to C.H.O.W. in care of Bazetta Christian Church, 4131 Hoagland-Blackstub Rd., Cortland, OH 44410.  Since C.H.O.W. has no paid employess, 100% of these donations will be used for transportation of desks and school equipment picked up from schools, to purchase school supplies for the student kits we send with the desks, to purchase food to stock the food pantry at the Grahn School Community Center, and for office supplies.Karolyn Tea


For fundraising, C.H.O.W. will host a Quiz Night  March 2, 2019 at St. Robert Bellarmine Church Hall on Niles-Cortland Rd. in Cortland.  Teams of 5-8 people are needed to compete against other teams answering trivia questions from various subjects.  A light meal in addition to snacks and beverages will be served at 6:30P.M. with the game beginning at 7:00 P.M.  Cost is $10 per person.  For more information email questions to . 




C.H.O.W. is always looking for donations of desks.  School districts who have been awarded the Ohio School Facilities Grant usually have student desks, chairs, teacher desks and chairs, and other miscellaneous equipment to discard after the equipment has been offered to the public.  Recently, C.H.O.W. has been bidding on the auctions held by the schools and buying equipment at nominal prices.  But sometimes the school donates the leftover equipment to C.H.O.W.  School equipment collected is sent to Central American schools.  When C.H.O.W. gets a phone call about available equipment, volunteers go to the location, load the equipment onto trucks or a trailer, and haul it away.  Any school district or business who has equipment to donate can email .


Local school districts collect usable school supplies at the end of the school year.  Many of these items would be thrown away by students cleaning out their desks and lockers.  C.H.O.W. uses these school supplies in student kits as well as teacher kits.  Paper, especially, is very valuable in developing countries.  Some students are unable to attend school because they can’t afford a tablet of paper.  Some teachers don’t have the paper they need for teaching.  One teacher was using the backs of calendars to make posters for her classroom.  So, even partially used spiral notebooks can be sent and will be very much appreciated by the recipients.


Grahn foodC.H.O.W. also accepts donations of non-perishable food, paper goods for the food pantry and like-new household supplies, books, furniture, baby equipment, toys and sports equipment, etc. that can be sold in the thrift shop at Grahn School Community Center.  Donations of fabric, yarn and Christmas decorations can be sold in thier craft shop.  These donations are taken to Grahn each September and June.


C.H.O.W. hopes to continue its mission of sharing excess materials from the United States with people in developing countries while at the same time keeping these materials from going to our landfills.  We can only continue this work with cooperation from local schools, businesses, hospitals, and individuals.  If you have anything usable you feel can be used in one of the above mentioned projects and would like to donate please email .  C.H.O.W. volunteers will contact you to make arrangements to pickup your tax deductible donations.

October 21