Cortland Humanitarian Outreach Worldwide




Cortland Humanitarian Outreach Worldwide (CHOW) is a 501c(3) not-for-profit, non-denominational organization incorporated in the State of Ohio, dedicated to helping relief efforts worldwide.




CHOW is a local effort of the Cortland-Bazetta community, shared in cooperation with Lakeview Outreach and Fellowship (LOAF), to have a worldwide impact for the relief and benefit of those in need.




We see a world that suffers from an unequal distribution of goods and resources that results in poverty in some areas and wastefulness in others. Some of the world’s people suffer needlessly from the lack of material necessities, while other people experience abundance.

A secondary result of this surplus is the growing problem affecting our environment as new and like-new materials from industries, schools, and individuals are sent to landfills.




United by the Scripture found in Matthew 25:31-46, we believe that both individuals and churches need to find material ways that manifest their own religious beliefs and spiritual ideals. Compassion for the poor and homeless of the earth requires committed, concrete, and creative action.




The organized attempt by the community to collect humanitarian aid not only benefits the world’s poor, but our planet as well. The unused and discarded materials of one society can become the useful items needed by poor families and children in our community, our country and around the world.  Such items include: clothing, books, school supplies and equipment, toys, sports equipment, food and household supplies.






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